Mercurius, Lyra, and Stockmar

Mercurius, the worldwide distributor of Lyra and Stockmar products specialises in quality art supplies for Waldorf schools. The beautiful Mercurius products actively embrace their social and environmental responsibilities and subject all of their products to extensive safety and environmental testing. They are committed to offering quality, safe products that meet all applicable standards and collaborate constructively with customers to inspire and implement solutions to meet social and environmental needs. Mercurius strives to source products from organisations that employ people with disabilities, as well as having social and environmental principals that align with their own. The unique, hand-crafted character and high quality of their products provide tangible benefits to their customers while achieving other shared goals.

The Stockmar company has been making quality products for art and art teaching for many decades. Hans Stockmar started with beekeeping products and then, acting on the suggestion of art teachers, began to develop his own modelling wax and crayons. The Stockmar logo combines the hexagonal form of a beehive with Goethe's colour circle. Beeswax and colour, this is what Stockmar comes down to. Beeswax is the most important raw material in Stockmar products as it is responsible for the characteristic transparent, glazed effect. 

As a company, Stockmar is aware of the responsibility they have to promote customers' confidence in the quality of their products. Stockmar products are aimed at providing a genuine artistic experience which develops and enhances the senses. Basic human experiences like feeling, grasping, and shaping can be stimulated when using Stockmar materials as they act on the human brain and have a positive effect on sensory motor development. The packaging, colour, scent, shape, properties, ease of handling and artistic possibilities all contribute to a total aesthetic, sense-imbued experience. It is this enhanced, holistic quality that Stockmar products aspire towards.