Mindful nature drawing for wellbeing. Mindful nature drawing for wellbeing.

Mindful nature drawing for wellbeing.

By Naomi Pears-Scown

Mindful nature drawing for wellbeing. Mindful nature drawing for wellbeing.

There is nothing quite like the satisfying sight of a newly opened box of coloured pencils with their colourful tips all standing in a neat little row. Perhaps it is the tangible memory of back-to-school days when a box of new pencils held so much potential for the year ahead, or perhaps it’s the reminder that sometimes having one little thing organised and colour coordinated make you feel calm when other things in life feel chaotic and messy.

At Flora, we understand this desire to have a neat little box of pencils on hand and have sourced an entire range of shapes and styles to meet your needs. All of the wood found in our pencils are sourced from sustainably managed forest or recycled newspapers, making them an ethical choice. We have little pencils for little hands, bigger pencils for bigger hands, triangle ones, chunky ones, varnishes ones, and unvarnished ones. There are plenty of options!

One of the things these coloured pencils are great at is what we call ‘mindfulness nature drawing’. Feeling stressed about your to-do list? Overwhelmed by the clutter in your space? Unsure about how to make that important decision? Take a breath, take your box of coloured pencils and some paper, and head outside into nature (or, if that's too tricky, find a house plant, vase of flowers, or spot by the window where you can see something in nature).

Once you’ve found your spot, notice what you’re drawn to, without judgement. Spend a moment just looking. Then begin to capture what you see with your coloured pencils. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a prompt or focus point to work with when doing this activity, such as trying to capture only one spectrum of colour, or looking for shadows and light, or focusing on only the straight lines, or curved lines, or highlighting the beauty in imperfections. Whatever it is, spend time mindfully looking at your natural object, without judgement for what you’re seeing or creating. Your coloured pencils are the tools that will help you to stay focused in your mindful state, and help you to capture your experience on the page. Whether you have the ability to dedicate one hour or 10 minutes to this practice, I promise, you’ll feel better afterwards. Nature has a way of nourishing us and helping us to put things in perspective. 


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